Game Description

An acid dream brings you a quest: save dough puppies from a rainbow mob of tribal idols. You’re Spinch, the only white ball among the saturated mess, and you’ve been robbed of your kids!

Get through hallucinating levels with a pretty but hostile environment. You can’t be deceived by their beauty! Avoid bad guys and spiky traps because the slightest encounter is your last. Actually, when you have no desire to risk the integrity of your soft body, you can throw your babies on monsters’ heads and disarm them!

You need to think really fast. Things are happening so quickly in this racing game that sometimes you can’t take a step out of the checkpoint. Plan your way two steps ahead and face six final, most violent bosses, surrounded by deadly pits and razors.

You can’t change the difficulty, all that remains is amending the attitude to failures. Because they’re inevitable! Challenge your reflexes as a frequent runner and sharpen the reaction if you’re a determined novice.