Surgeon Simulator 2

Game Description

Surgeon Simulator 2, a sequel of the rare genre, hits differently compared to the first version. Primarily because of the multiplayer regime. Secondly, because you got access to the prestigious operating rooms of Bossa Labs.

But what does this futuristic interior hide? Discover secrets of hospital walls in the single game or together. Don’t forget about your work: perform operations on limbs and innards, which have easy manual but cursed controls.

In Cooperation, rescue one Bob together or cross your scalpels in the Competition with two patients. Not the best idea for doctors to challenge each other on time… But is there a difference when you’re ripping Bob’s legs with bare hands?

No problem if you cut or sew a limb in an incorrect place. Bob won’t notice because he’s living on the operating table, more like a training dummy for interns. Or maybe your incredible skills are holding him from leaving this game?

Anyway, sooner or later you will save him! Three licensed medical advisers are here to teach you how to transplant the head and don’t mix it up with an arm. Don’t worry about proper tools since the floor is sterile, and you can use any spoon sharp enough to make a cut.

Try acting nice, use blood-stopping injections, and you will rescue Bob to see him on the next level. When you’re all caught up with Surgeon Simulator 2, try to stage your own story in Creative mode. It gives you full control over the developer’s editor and its results, which you can publish to challenge fans around the world.