Game Description

Good news! It’s time to change roles and take the right side.

Your choice for this time is the antagonist Sarvente. This time she is the main character who fights Taki – the bitter rival of Sarvente.

Though they are both demon nun it doesn’t stop them from battling in singing Crucify.

Help Sarvente to beat her competitor in the Taki FNF!

How to do this? On the screen you see the arrows running from the bottom to the top, where they connect with the stable arrows. When one connects it lights up. You press the correct lighted arrow using your keyboard. This is how it works! Seems simple?

Try to do your best to win! Sarvente can win! Prove to everyone that newborn antagonist Sarvente is the best at singing Crucify!

Enjoy the process of defeating all the stereotypes. Challenge and enjoyment are waiting for you!