Toca Kitchen 2

Game Description

Toca Kitchen 2 is a small arcade that will allow you to become a cooker. Here you can cook very unusual food or ordinary delicious meals.

You will have a kitchen in which there is a large set of equipment and products, and it is you who decide what to cook from this. Bake a watermelon, fry a fish or steak, boil a banana, or make a delicious dessert.

It all depends on your imagination. It is also very interesting that you cook for a reason, you have guests, a funny little man or a cool monster.

It is for them that you will cook, and whether they liked it or not, you can find out by their reaction. The control is very clear, on the left there is a refrigerator with all the necessary products and a stove for cooking.

The necessary seasonings and sauces are hidden under the salt and pepper button. Cooking has never been so much fun!