Unblocked Geometry Dash

Game Description

Unblocked Geometry Dash is one of those places where you can find yourself. Nowadays everyone wants to play it. From the very first sight you don’t see the difficulties, but the deeper you plunge, the harder your play becomes.

Be ready to die again and again. Due to the strict rules, you will manage the block. That’s not all, you also need to overcome the obstacles and to jump over the barriers. Sounds easy, isn’t it? Just touch the screen and jump at the right time. But you need to think about the length of your jump and catch your own music rhythm.

There are only two modes: regular and practical. The first one doesn’t give you a second chance and after death you have to start from the very beginning. You also get different types of balls and robots in this mode. The second one has saves, so that you can create and delete them. After successful level completion you can receive some colors.